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Are you searching for a creative way to reveal your pregnancy? This baby announcement tshirt is made for you!
The design is unique and cute and the tshirt itself is made from 100% cotton, it’s silky soft and the most comfortable you have ever worn.

The print won’t fade no matter how many times you will wash it, which means that you will enjoy your tshirt for many years. Maybe, if you’re having a daughter, she will wear it too when the time comes!

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Could you imagine anything better than a soft, cozy T shirt with a fun art design on it? No? Me neither!

That’s why I designed these cute T shirts which can be worn all day, every day.

I want my art to bring joy and that ‘s why I design items which you can use everyday, from T-shirts to mugs and plates.

You can see my whole collection of artsy Tshirts for men and women here:

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