Welcome to my dream world!

There are many kind of dreams: adventurous, silly, the ones where nothing happens, dreams in foreign languages, dreams which we don’t remember…

A boring dream is a night gone to waste.

If you want to live something different tonight, my art collection offers a series of possible dreams, like images which will motivate your imagination and guide you to unprecedented experiences in your every day life.

My dream was to paint… 

Eugenia ♥


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Handmade with love

Hello, I am Eugenia, I make illustrations of everything i love, music, people, love... All these items are made by my hands, and will be shipped with love to you! Thank you!

Made from premium quality materials

We create quality products so that you can enjoy them for many-many years! More information about our materials and the procedure in our FAQ page.

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3-5 business days shipping, wherever you may live around the globe.