How to place an order

What are the steps for placing an order?

Once you have selected the products you would like to buy, and have confirmed that your “Shopping Cart” is accurate, click on the “Finalize Order” button. You will then be taken through a 5 step process to finalize your order and make your payment.

The first step will have a summary of the items in your cart, including the quantity of each item and the shipping costs (if your order has shipping costs). At this point make sure to modify your order if there are any errors in items, quantities, or eliminate a product that you do not want. If you want to include an additional product you can navigate back to the store site and add it. Any items added to your cart will stay there for a two hour time period.

Once you have selected the products you would like to buy proceed to the next step and you will be able to register for the store. If you have previously registered you will be able to sign in with your user name and password. If you have not registered before you will have to fill out the registration form to be able to continue placing your order.

After registering for the store and proceeding to the third step, you will be able to enter the shipping address you would like your order sent to, it can be your home address or another address (you can save up to 3 alternative addresses). You can also request an order invoice. If you would like to have receive an invoice please fill out the additional information required in the bottom left part of the page. If you have included a gift box in your order you can add a personalized greeting card to be included in the gift box.

The next step is selecting the payment method you would like to use. At this point please double check to make sure all your information is correct including the order, shipping address, and if you have a special promotional code you can add it here. You can select to pay with a credit/debit card or with a transfer.

Once the payment has been placed a confirmation page will appear.